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Wenzhou FuRui valve co., LTD
Fred in wenzhou valve co., LTD. Is located in wenzhou oubei town, yongjia county, zhejiang province, north street five-star industrial zone, is a collection of scientific research, design, production, sales and after-sales service in the integration of the whole process of the valve manufacturing enterprises, has rich manufacturing experience, in all staff efforts, continuous innovation, at the same time the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, sophisticated equipment.Wenzhou Fred valve co., LTD., has always been committed to rely on science and technology, continuous innovation, strict management system;Established a complete set of management system, the product sales, contract, storage, finance, the overall efficiency...
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Wenzhou FuRui valve co., LTD
The Contact:Mr.Wu 
Addr:Yongjia county, wenzhou city, zhejiang province ou the five-star industrial zone north street

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